The business world is competitive, it’s about winning and succeeding. Up and coming candidates want to work for industry leaders where they can make their mark and further their career goals. To attract top talent you need to be a company people want to work for. So how do you go about showcasing the organisation and what will attract the right kind of people?

A progressive vision

It’s not necessarily the biggest companies that always attract the best candidates, but it is the most progressive. The business world is rapidly evolving as technology and innovation provide alternate solutions. People want to be part of that, working at the leading edge of what technology can do. A sure way to attract top talent is to promote and showcase how your organisation uses technology and encourages innovation. This should not only be about what you’re doing now, but also what’s shaping your future vision.


Agility and flexibility are becoming essential in the marketplace, and if managed well, can benefit the business. Being able to respond rapidly to change means business can take hold of opportunities or mitigate risks. Building flexibility into operations may mean flexible working hours, remote working or team shifts. The more this becomes part of the culture, the more attractive the company will be to work for.


Companies that recognise the importance of wellbeing, health and safety and have proactive programs in that regard, demonstrate that their employees matter. And when employees feel looked after and valued, they are more committed and productive.

Industry accolades

The industry likes to celebrate innovators, and there are many industry awards that can boost a company’s profile. Even if you don’t win, just being part of an awards event, or being shortlisted has incredible PR value. It expands the business profile in the marketplace and enables you to rub shoulders with other innovators. It’s an excellent networking opportunity too.

Pipeline of work

Job security is a major concern for many people right now. Announcing contract wins demonstrates that the business has a pipeline of incoming work. Now while this may not be an absolute guarantee that the company will remain in the black, it does show a proactive stance towards winning business and maintaining operations.

There’s a great deal of talent available at present, but attracting the right people requires you to be the type of business people want to work for. If you’d like help defining this, speak to our