Apprentice construction Ellis Fox Blog

How the UK government plans to fill the skills gap in construction

A recent report estimated that more than a quarter of a million workers will be needed in construction between now and 2028. As a result, government has singled out construction as one of the sectors to benefit from skills development. It’s an ambitious plan with […]

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Resign well Ellis Fox Blog

Resign your way and be confident about it

As much as employees go through the process of searching for a new job, interviewing and considering offers, when it comes to resigning, there’s still a level of anxiety. For some reason in that moment when you have to confront your manager and hand over […]

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Construction career progression Ellis Fox Blog

What does the construction sector downturn mean for your career prospects?

Currently industry journals are dominated by headlines citing a continued downturn in construction output. This isn’t really news. Given current economic trends and a multitude of challenges it would have been more surprising if construction had managed to remain buoyant. While the bigger industry picture […]

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Disconnect Ellis Fox Blog

The disconnect impacting hiring and employee retention

The phrase “We can’t afford that!” is used far too frequently when it comes to hiring. And with it comes the expectation that the candidate will give in and accept a lower offer. It’s a job after all. But let’s not forget that it’s a […]

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Interview confidence Ellis Fox Blog

How to respond to interview questions with confidence

Being asked to talk about yourself is such a broad question, yet it’s the default that most interviews start with. For candidates it’s awkward to answer because although it may seem like a logical starting point, do you talk about skills, success, interests, or career […]

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Company interview fails Ellis Fox blog

Common ways companies lose opportunities to hire great candidates

Last week’s article on interviewing seemed to hit a nerve, if the feedback from my network is anything to go by. Several people shared their bad interviewing experiences. It’s a very real reminder that the small things that companies do, and don’t think matter, are […]

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Accept offer Ellis Fox Blog

Should you accept that offer?

Whether you’re making a move because you’re unhappy in your current role or because it’s an opportunity too good to refuse, when it comes down to accepting the offer, there can always be a moment of doubt. Is this the right career move? Are the […]

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Senior role interview Ellis Fox Blog

Interview preparation guidelines for senior roles

Knowing that there’s a demand for skills in construction and infrastructure in the UK, should empower those going for interviews with a greater level of confidence. Still, there’s the thought of being under review or being caught off guard by an unexpected question that can […]

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4 day work week Ellis Fox Blog

Should you trial a 4-day work week?

There have been a number of different responses by companies to address the issues of burnout and ongoing resignations amongst their employees. Work from home, remote working or a flexible hybrid model have almost become the norm. Additionally, a growing trend in the UK, is […]

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Water utilities Ellis Fox blog

What are the priorities for UK water infrastructure?

The water sector is not alone in the major challenges it’s facing. They’re common to most infrastructure sectors: Aging and inadequate infrastructure, disruptions caused by climate crisis events, and new sustainability targets mean that infrastructure is under pressure to deliver amid high expectations. It is […]

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