Calm in chaos Ellis Fox blog

How to stay calm in the chaos

As much as we talk about creating a better work life balance for ourselves and fellow work colleagues, this is hard to achieve. The economy is all over the place and there’s a great deal of uncertainty. The costs of living keep rising, for companies, […]

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Construction leadership Ellis Fox Blog

Old style versus new style management

Construction remains a very traditional industry where the wheels of change turn slowly. While the pandemic forced change through remote working and adoption of digital technologies. Now that we’ve moved past that, some business leaders believe that things to go back to the way they […]

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Interview confidence Ellis Fox Blog

How to respond to interview questions with confidence

Being asked to talk about yourself is such a broad question, yet it’s the default that most interviews start with. For candidates it’s awkward to answer because although it may seem like a logical starting point, do you talk about skills, success, interests, or career […]

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Interim Ellis Fox Blog

How to quickly fill a senior skills gap

In infrastructure and utilities, one of the biggest challenges is finding suitable candidates to fill senior roles when you need them. Even once you’ve gone through the hiring process and had an offer accepted, most senior professionals can’t just walk away and start immediately. They […]

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Company interview fails Ellis Fox blog

Common ways companies lose opportunities to hire great candidates

Last week’s article on interviewing seemed to hit a nerve, if the feedback from my network is anything to go by. Several people shared their bad interviewing experiences. It’s a very real reminder that the small things that companies do, and don’t think matter, are […]

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Interview Ellis Fox Blog

Main Contractors – Do you need to rethink how you interview?

When hiring, there’s no question that companies want to attract the best candidates to choose from. Creating a job description, reviewing CV’s and holding interviews may be a normal part of that. But where many companies fall short is how they structure the interview process, […]

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Construction outlook 2023 Ellis Fox Blog

2023 – Is construction starting on the back foot?

2022 was a challenging year for many reasons. Economic and political uncertainty has had decision makers concerned on a strategic level. Meanwhile inflationary pressures are being felt on all levels. There are mixed views on what 2023 will hold, but even with the uncertainty, construction […]

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Good management Ellis Fox Blog

What’s changing in the way of working and management?

The new year is a time when people often reflect on what they should change in their lives. New year’s resolutions abound – and usually last a few days. Many companies experienced the great resignation in 2022 and know how difficult it is to find […]

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Construction insolvencies Ellis Fox Blog

Insolvencies – What can make the construction curse go away?

A few years back the demise of Carillion rocked the construction industry and the knock on effects were felt for years. It was a time of reflection where many called for reform and the abandonment of business practices that made it harder to remain profitable. […]

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Quiet quitting Ellis Fox Blog

Job requirements vs expectations

In recent weeks there’s been a lot of chatter on social media about the latest trend impacting companies and employees called “Quiet Quitting” – a term that’s confusing in itself and one that has a number of different definitions, depending on who you’re speaking to. […]

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