Construction and government Ellis Fox Blog

Construction priorities, what’s next?

With a new government in place, there are high hopes that the construction sector will get the support it needs to return to growth. Indeed, many are of the opinion that government needs the built environment as much as construction and infrastructure need government. There’s […]

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Work life balance Ellis Fox Blog

Why is work life balance so hard to achieve?

It’s mid-summer, a time of year when many families take a vacation. Yet for some people taking time off work is more stressful than just staying at the office. It sounds counterintuitive, but there are those so deeply invested in their work, that they fear […]

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UK election Ellis Fox Blog

What does construction and infrastructure need from the new government?

With the election just days away, political parties are promising many things. More investment in energy infrastructure, upgrades on rail and roads, fast tracking planning permissions. These promises are great, if they were to actually mean anything. Unfortunately, few are backed up by concrete targets […]

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Net zero construction Ellis Fox Blog

Is regulation the only path to net-zero for the built environment?

Despite increasing extreme weather events, and rising costs of materials, the push to achieve net zero in the built environment is proceeding at snail’s pace. While there are a handful of success stories, in general, investors still seem hesitant to lay out the capital to […]

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Interims Construction Ellis Fox Blog

Should you consider becoming an Interim?

For most people who have had a salaried job their whole career, the thought of moving to a contract format can be daunting. While the initial concerns may be about job security, these are often unfounded. As a senior professional with 10-15 years’ experience, you […]

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Recruitment partner Ellis Fox Blog

What makes recruitment partnerships work

Despite the skills shortage and the constrained budgets, some Tier 1 and 2 firms are winning at hiring and attracting top talent. Is it the company name that’s drawing the right people in? Is it the high-profile projects? Or is it how they work with […]

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Gender hiring Ellis Fox Blog

How one infrastructure project is challenging industry norms

To have a workforce that is 40% women is rare in construction and infrastructure. As a norm, you’re lucky if there’s 10-15% women on a project. Yet on a major energy infrastructure project that currently has 500 employees and will be ramping up to 8000 […]

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Apprentice construction Ellis Fox Blog

How the UK government plans to fill the skills gap in construction

A recent report estimated that more than a quarter of a million workers will be needed in construction between now and 2028. As a result, government has singled out construction as one of the sectors to benefit from skills development. It’s an ambitious plan with […]

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Circular construction materials Ellis Fox Blog

Circular economy progress in UK construction

A recent news article proudly announced that the use of recycled aggregates is at their highest levels to date. It’s an achievement for sure and something to be proud of, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. According to the report 73.5 million tonnes of […]

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Qualifications Ellis Fox Blog

Skills or certificates – what should a CV showcase?

When applying for a job, a CV is the first impression you get to make. Before a phone call inviting you for an interview, or even the interview itself. A CV sells you and your potential suitability for a specific role. Much can be said […]

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