4 day week Ellis Fox Blog

The four-day work week is an opportunity companies need to grab

According to a recent study, where a number of companies in the UK trialed the 4-day work week for 6 months, more than half have made the change permanent. Even more impressive is that almost 90% of them are still continuing with the trial. This […]

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Biodiversity Ellis Fox Blog

How will the UK’s BNG requirement impact construction and infrastructure?

To its credit, the UK has taken a global leadership role in defining policy when it comes to environmental matters. As with any country, the challenge is implementation and how to overcome obstacles that crop up along the way. One of the latest policies, due […]

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Main contractors hiring 2024 Ellis Fox blog

Part 2 – How Main Contractors are hiring successfully in 2024

Finding top talent is not a new challenge for Main Contractors. The ongoing skills shortage and a competitive candidate market has led companies to rethink their hiring strategies. There’s the realization that major projects or a company name aren’t always enough to attract the right […]

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Hiring 2024 candidates Ellis Fox Blog

What’s different about hiring in 2024? Part 1– Insights for candidates

The past few years have seen many changes in the approach to hiring. For instance, video interviews have become the norm, as have requests for remote and flexible working conditions. But at the same time businesses are settling into a new rhythm. By now they […]

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Close skills gap Ellis Fox Blog

How can you help bridge the skills gap in Construction and Infrastructure?

The more the industry works to close the skills gap, the more it persists. We talk about perception, how it’s an industry that’s not seen as attractive to work in. We talk about how focusing on improving diversity can bring in untapped expertise, but transformation […]

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CV elements Ellis Fox Blog

2 Key elements of a successful CV

If you’re considering seeking out a new role this year, the first step is to update your CV. The challenge is that writing about yourself is never easy. You know what your skills are and where your strengths lie, but somehow articulating it in words […]

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Priorities 2024 Ellis Fox Blog

What will your priorities be this year?

At the start of every year, many people make New Year’s resolutions in the hope that this will make it a better year ahead. The problem is that as challenges arise, people get discouraged and optimism quickly turns sour.  Perhaps a better approach is to […]

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Construction gaps Ellis Fox Blog

How can construction bridge the gaps in 2024?

As we start a new year it’s an opportunity to consider how to do things differently. And we need to, because some of the gaps that remain are a stumbling block for construction as an industry. It seems that whatever progress is made, it’s often […]

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Planning green Ellis Fox Blog

The Problem with Planning

It’s that time of year when most companies are closed and operations have practically ground to a halt. For those taking a break it’s a welcome respite and time of rest. For others it can feel as though they’re in limbo, waiting for the new […]

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Refit Construction Ellis Fox Blog

Building, fixing or retrofitting? What’s the future for construction?

Two metrics that are frequently used as a litmus test for the health of the industry are: New contract awards and new construction starts. Looking at these metrics in recent months and it paints a rather depressing picture as both are in decline. Added to […]

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