Interims Construction Ellis Fox Blog

Should you consider becoming an Interim?

For most people who have had a salaried job their whole career, the thought of moving to a contract format can be daunting. While the initial concerns may be about job security, these are often unfounded. As a senior professional with 10-15 years’ experience, you […]

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Qualifications Ellis Fox Blog

Skills or certificates – what should a CV showcase?

When applying for a job, a CV is the first impression you get to make. Before a phone call inviting you for an interview, or even the interview itself. A CV sells you and your potential suitability for a specific role. Much can be said […]

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Counter offer Ellis Fox Blog

How do counter offers subtly break relationships?

Accepting a new role is not a decision that’s made lightly, especially if you’re advanced in your career. There’s a great deal of consideration that goes into it, which often includes debating whether the new offer is worth it. It’s about more than pay. It’s […]

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Construction tech skills Ellis Fox Blog

How tech is reshaping skills needed in construction

From robotics to augmented reality (AR), the number of technologies making inroads in construction continue to grow. Fortunately, as technologies mature, we seem to have moved past the concerns that technology would replace humans. Instead, companies are now looking for ways to maximise the benefits […]

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Interview Ellis Fox Blog

What interviewers want to know about you

Sitting down to an interview, a common question interviewers ask is: “Tell me about yourself.” For candidates who haven’t prepared for the question, it can be overwhelming. The question is so broad, where do you start? To help you answer this and other interview questions, […]

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Skills Ellis Fox Blog

Skills to develop at any stage of your career

The best type of career development happens organically – where you discover an area of interest and seek to expand your knowledge in it. Indeed, there are industry trends that highlight where opportunities exist. Such as in renewable energy, infrastructure resilience and modern methods of […]

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Hiring 2024 candidates Ellis Fox Blog

What’s different about hiring in 2024? Part 1– Insights for candidates

The past few years have seen many changes in the approach to hiring. For instance, video interviews have become the norm, as have requests for remote and flexible working conditions. But at the same time businesses are settling into a new rhythm. By now they […]

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CV elements Ellis Fox Blog

2 Key elements of a successful CV

If you’re considering seeking out a new role this year, the first step is to update your CV. The challenge is that writing about yourself is never easy. You know what your skills are and where your strengths lie, but somehow articulating it in words […]

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Priorities 2024 Ellis Fox Blog

What will your priorities be this year?

At the start of every year, many people make New Year’s resolutions in the hope that this will make it a better year ahead. The problem is that as challenges arise, people get discouraged and optimism quickly turns sour.  Perhaps a better approach is to […]

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Resign well Ellis Fox Blog

Resign your way and be confident about it

As much as employees go through the process of searching for a new job, interviewing and considering offers, when it comes to resigning, there’s still a level of anxiety. For some reason in that moment when you have to confront your manager and hand over […]

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