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Remote work – Is it a deal breaker?

There are strong views on remote and hybrid work and it can become quite a heated debate. Those that have embraced remote work, don’t see the need to return to the office. While others thrive in a busy office environment and don’t understand how peers […]

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Interview culture Ellis Fox Blog

How to know if it’s the right job for you

Today job seekers have an advantage. They’re no longer beholden to simply accepting terms that a company offers, especially when company B is offering something more. That “more” doesn’t just relate to salaries or benefits. One of the biggest factors driving the great resignation worldwide […]

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Culture change Ellis Fox Blog

Achieving Culture Change in Construction

As life returns to normal in terms of going to work in an office and being able to enjoy a meal at your favourite restaurant, there is also recognition that not everything about the old normal was that great. It is almost as though having […]

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Mental health Ellus Fox Blog

Mental Health – Are Senior Managers most at Risk?

While construction is one of the few sectors that is experiencing more growth and showing resilience to the effects of the pandemic as we end 2020, one has to ask, at what cost? Some main contractors are posting better than expected profit margins, but others […]

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Attract top talent Ellis Fox Blog

Let’s talk about attracting top talent

The business world is competitive, it’s about winning and succeeding. Up and coming candidates want to work for industry leaders where they can make their mark and further their career goals. To attract top talent you need to be a company people want to work […]

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Who you are matters more than what you are.

There’s a saying that who you know matters more than what you can do, implying that relationships and business connections are often the key to opening doors for new opportunities. But can the same be said of who you are as a person? Does it […]

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What’s stopping you from hiring the best person for the job?

There’s something sneaking into your interviews and you’re probably not even aware of it. Yet this very thing – bias – could be preventing you from hiring the best person. Bias happens whether we want it to or not, because we’re simply programmed that way […]

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