Attract top talent Ellis Fox Blog

Let’s talk about attracting top talent

The business world is competitive, it’s about winning and succeeding. Up and coming candidates want to work for industry leaders where they can make their mark and further their career goals. To attract top talent you need to be a company people want to work […]

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Construction hiring Ellis Fox Blog

Should UK Construction be hiring now?

As many main contractors start reopening sites and returning to work, it’s accepted that it will be a while before momentum is gained. There are still many obstacles to overcome and new safety requirements as well as backlogs in the supply chain are going to […]

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Emissions laws Ellis Fox Blog

How will new emissions laws impact construction firms?

2050 may seem a long way off, after all there are still 30 years before the net zero emissions targets need to be met. However, in the built environment its common knowledge that office buildings, shopping complexes and highways are not just built to meet […]

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Give value Ellis Fox Blog

What value do you give?

With Christmas coming up next week there is a lot of focus on gifts. While the spirit of Christmas talks about giving, let’s be honest, all we really want to know is what we’re getting. And that’s fine as long as someone else is willing […]

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Skills transfer Ellis Fox Blog

How transferable are your skills?

It’s been a tough year for construction in the UK. It’s been one of the industries hardest hit by the uncertainties of Brexit and the resulting economic downturn. A number of construction companies have folded or cut back on jobs, which has left many people […]

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Interview truth Ellis Fox Blog

How to get the real truth in interviews

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward in an interview, create a good impression and give the right answers. But at the same time there’s always the fear that being too honest may not get them the job, especially if they didn’t leave their […]

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SW opportunity Ellis Fox Blog

Why its all happening in the South West

While many areas and sectors in the construction industry are trading cautiously and tightening their reigns because of a cutback in investments and the uncertainties of Brexit, there is one region where construction projects are growing exponentially. Between housing, infrastructure and civil works it is […]

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Hiring offer Ellis Fox Blog

What’s the bottom line?

Companies are having to work harder to attract top talent in the construction industry. It’s not enough to wave a good pay cheque at prospective candidates, people are looking for more. Now that’s not to say that salaries don’t matter – because they do, but […]

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Feedback Ellis Fox Blog

Interview feedback – why it’s better than silence

You’re busy, you have work priorities to focus on, so why should you take the time to respond to candidates who you have no intention of hiring? What difference will it make to them or to the company anyway? A lot, as it turns out! […]

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Move jobs Ellis Fox Blog

Should you change jobs?

The thinking used to be, get a degree, get a job and become an expert in that field. Certainly that is something to aspire to, but the market place has changed. Job security, for one, is a thing of the past. Between volatile market conditions […]

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