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How can you win the flight for talent in construction?

We know that most Main Contractors are struggling to find and retain the talent they need. With more jobs available than a dwindling workforce can provide, it’s not just about attracting more people into the industry, it’s about finding the right people. Expertise, experience, understanding […]

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Construction perception Ellis Fox Blog

Attracting top talent – what does perception have to do with it?

When interviewing candidates, it’s likely you make an assessment the minute they walk in the room. How they’re dressed, how they communicate – it all influences your initial perception of them. And if you’re honest that perception will likely influence how the interview is conducted. […]

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Hire who you need Ellis Fox Blog

Why it’s worth hiring who you need

Many companies outline a detailed job specification based on what the role entailed in the past. They’ll look at the skills and expertise the previous person had and look to replace that with a new candidate. The problem is that it’s rare to find a […]

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Salary offer Ellis Fox Blog

How to make the right offer to candidates

So much is invested in finding and interviewing candidates. Find out how to secure them with the offer they want.

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Attract top talent Ellis Fox Blog

Let’s talk about attracting top talent

The business world is competitive, it’s about winning and succeeding. Up and coming candidates want to work for industry leaders where they can make their mark and further their career goals. To attract top talent you need to be a company people want to work […]

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What’s in a name?

Shakespeare aside, wordplay when describing roles in recruitment can get fairly interesting. The question is; Does a job title make a difference to attracting top candidates? Is it about the role, or do people still value a business title that attaches to it a certain […]

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