Why its all happening in the South West

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While many areas and sectors in the construction industry are trading cautiously and tightening their reigns because of a cutback in investments and the uncertainties of Brexit, there is one region where construction projects are growing exponentially. Between housing, infrastructure and civil works it is estimated that the South West region will create more than 80 000 jobs in construction within the next 15 years. 27000 of those will require expertise in various fields and levels over the next 5 years.

Given the turmoil that the construction industry has experienced in the past 2 years and the continuing downturn of productivity, new projects and profits, this is very welcome news. Several large projects such as Hinkley Point C may have been the start catalyst for this regional growth, but the fact that it is expanding further into housing and infrastructure projects is a positive sign for the industry.

Driven by change

The construction industry has seen many changes and innovations, and new developments in the South West are proving to be the ideal place for implementation.  For years there have been complaints about the backlog in housing, however, modular housing is now gaining traction. Primarily because offsite manufacturing speeds up productivity and improves efficiencies. Often it also has the added benefit of lower costs. Other innovations include 3D printing technologies and integrations of robotics into production and building methodologies.

This in itself is changing the face of the construction industry, making it more attractive to school leavers and graduates with a strong interest in technology. Various industry organization are also investing in internships and training programs to upskill people so that they can make a valuable contribution to the construction industry.

Experience and expertise

More senior people within the construction and infrastructure sectors also have an important role to play. Their understanding of the complexities of the industry and years of management experience are a valuable commodity to the region as a whole. While the big industry players may be involved in the major projects, the construction industry has a long supply chain with opportunities for contractors to start their own businesses and sub-contract in an area of specialization.

The region is growing and it is an exciting environment to be operating in. Due to growing demand for expertise Ellis Fox is expanding our satellite South West office, helping to resource the many projects happening in the region. If you want to find out more about what opportunities exist, contact our team on team@ellisfox.co.uk or Tel: 020 7183 0255