What will it take to deliver faster telecoms in the UK?

UK telecoms infrastructure Ellis Fox Blog

Technology is amazing, enabling people to connect anytime, anywhere. Well, almost anywhere depending on if there is a reliable internet infrastructure. The UK government has made some ambitious promises regarding upgrading the current fibre and cell phone infrastructure so that more people have access to faster broadbands, yet delivering on these promises is going to be a challenge.

Want, have and need

Everyone wants faster speeds and more reliable connections, there’s no doubt about that. But does the UK have the right infrastructure in place to make it happen? It appears that there is a lot of work to be done. Theresa May promised Gigabite speed fibre access for all by 2025, a promise that some colleagues called laughable, and it might just be considering a BBC report that only 8% of premises currently have access to fibre.

Internet infrastructure development faces several challenges. The demand for faster broadband is increasing exponentially. The current infrastructure is outdated and while some funding has been made available, it’s going to take time to implement properly. Added to that is yet another challenge. Wide scale flooding and extreme climate events are causing damage to existing infrastructure. So even keeping up with repairs and maintenance is proving to be difficult.

What is needed is contractors who have the expertise to deploy the infrastructure quickly and efficiently, and for government to award contracts and release funding to make it happen. There’s little point in continuing to talk about targets without taking steps to reach them.

What is the future of telecoms infrastructure

While there are many options for internet connectivity including ADSL and 5G, fibre remains top of the list in terms of providing better and faster internet access.  Most people agree on that, yet the implementation of the internet infrastructure is still getting tied up in red tape. It seems a little less bureaucracy and a lot more efficiency will be required if the promise of faster internet speeds are to be delivered to the whole British population.

One thing is for sure that expertise in telecoms infrastructure is going to be in even greater demand, whether it is engineering, project management or infrastructure design and implementation. It’s an opportunity for senior people in the industry to step up and make their mark by helping to deliver the internet infrastructure needed.