Companies are having to work harder to attract top talent in the construction industry. It’s not enough to wave a good pay cheque at prospective candidates, people are looking for more. Now that’s not to say that salaries don’t matter – because they do, but employees are looking for value and benefits that will help them get the most out of their career, not just pay the rent or mortgage.

Meeting expectations

There’s a lot of criticism of the younger working generation, in that they aren’t afraid to move jobs frequently. This is often interpreted as a lack of loyalty, but are companies looking at things from the wrong perspective? Young professionals are motivated and have a greater awareness of career progression. They are looking for opportunities of learning and growth that will facilitate them moving up in their career. If a company can’t provide this, why should they stay?

Benefits that offer value

Equally, people are striving to achieve a better work life balance and are attracted to companies that embrace this way of thinking. Flexible working hours and work-from-home options are very appealing to many employees as it can save them commuting time, which gives them more time to spend with their families or to enjoy leisure or sporting activities.

Progressive company culture

For more senior candidates, a frustration is often that they cannot implement the way they would like to because there is so much red tape to wade through. Company systems and policies are sometimes so entrenched that employees are slow, even resistant to change, which makes progression and improvement really difficult. A company culture that encourages change and a culture of learning is more likely to attract top candidates.

Perks on paper

When it comes down to negotiating the offer, there are a few things that may sweeten the deal. Being generous with the number of days of annual leave is considered a big plus. Go a step further and offer people their birthday off! This shows that you value employees and what’s important to them. Other perks may include company pension or contributions to a medical plan.

Ultimately consider what kind of person would be best for your company and what they might consider important. This will not only attract the right kind of people, but is more likely to keep them happy and engaged. Hiring is about so much more than money, that’s the bottom line.