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What’s different about hiring in 2024? Part 1– Insights for candidates

The past few years have seen many changes in the approach to hiring. For instance, video interviews have become the norm, as have requests for remote and flexible working conditions. But at the same time businesses are settling into a new rhythm. By now they […]

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Equal Pay Ellis Fox Blog

Equal pay – counting the cost of thinking it doesn’t matter

In a recent court decision, Homes England was ordered to pay compensation, including back pay and interest, to a female employee. The dispute came about when she was promoted and discovered that she was earning less than a male colleague who she was now overseeing. […]

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Disconnect Ellis Fox Blog

The disconnect impacting hiring and employee retention

The phrase “We can’t afford that!” is used far too frequently when it comes to hiring. And with it comes the expectation that the candidate will give in and accept a lower offer. It’s a job after all. But let’s not forget that it’s a […]

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Offer worth it Ellis Fox Blog

What makes an offer worth considering?

Many main contractors are working hard to attract top talent. But there are still economic challenges limiting the reality of what can offered in terms of salaries. It’s understood that senior professionals won’t move for the same level of pay. It has to be an […]

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Hiring salary Ellis Fox Blog

Should salary be role or person based?

Hiring is currently very competitive with a shortage of skilled professionals who are in high demand. This means that when it comes to negotiating salaries, candidates often have the upper hand. But budgets are tight and often companies have a specific figure in mind when […]

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Hiring offer Ellis Fox Blog

What’s the bottom line?

Companies are having to work harder to attract top talent in the construction industry. It’s not enough to wave a good pay cheque at prospective candidates, people are looking for more. Now that’s not to say that salaries don’t matter – because they do, but […]

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