What value do you give?

Give value Ellis Fox Blog

With Christmas coming up next week there is a lot of focus on gifts. While the spirit of Christmas talks about giving, let’s be honest, all we really want to know is what we’re getting. And that’s fine as long as someone else is willing to give.

It’s not that different from the employer / employee relationship.

When hiring employers are most interested in what they’re getting – what level of expertise, what skills, and hopefully an extensive industry network that they can leverage. Equally employees are looking for better salaries or benefits, and better career opportunities. It’s a two-way street with each party interviewing the other to see if working at the company will benefit them.  But here’s our challenge to you; before you start thinking about what you want to get, take the time to articulate the value you will give.

Here’s why:

As a potential employee you’re more likely to impress your interviewers if you demonstrate that your intention is to add value to the business by using your skills and expertise. This indicates that you’re engaged in your work, that it’s more than just a salary, it’s something that you’re passionate about. Passionate and engaged employees are more productive and generate greater value for a business so focusing on what you can give places you in a more positive light. People willing to give make better team players and better leaders, and their relationship based approach to work makes collaboration easier.

For potential employers, an outward focus that includes people, the community and the environment demonstrates that it’s not all about numbers. Yes, every business wants to be profitable, but the profit- at-all-costs approach to business is outdated. People want to matter, they want the work they do to matter. And employers who create opportunities for that to happen, often attract and retain the best employees. It’s not enough to offer a salary and benefits. Are you as an employer open to giving flexible working terms? Do you give employees opportunities to share their ideas and innovate? Giving doesn’t always have to be about money, it’s most effective, however, when it is something that matters.

If you’re not feeling very festive this season, perhaps it’s because you’re focused on what you feel you could and should be getting. Consider instead what you could give, and see what a difference a change in perspective can make.