Pay increase Ellis Fox Blog

Should you get a pay increase?

Current world and economic affairs are pretty stressful at present. Inflation is becoming a harsh reality and many people are looking at rising costs compared to what they’re earning and becoming concerned. Without a salary increase, how are they to make ends meet? Unfortunately it’s […]

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Flexible working Ellis Fox Blog

Flexibility is no fad

Years ago some progressive companies started implementing flexible working conditions allowing employees to work from home on occasion or work office hours that suited them. Back then, it was seen as the exception rather than the norm as many companies believed it would lower productivity […]

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Give value Ellis Fox Blog

What value do you give?

With Christmas coming up next week there is a lot of focus on gifts. While the spirit of Christmas talks about giving, let’s be honest, all we really want to know is what we’re getting. And that’s fine as long as someone else is willing […]

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