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How transferable are your skills?

It’s been a tough year for construction in the UK. It’s been one of the industries hardest hit by the uncertainties of Brexit and the resulting economic downturn. A number of construction companies have folded or cut back on jobs, which has left many people wondering how secure their positions really are. It’s no longer enough to be good at what you do, that matters little if you end up getting the short straw, so how else can you secure your future?

How to broaden your horizons

You may be an engineer or QS by profession, however, you may have other skills that are highly sought after yet are understated on your CV. Perhaps you view your interest in technology as merely a hobby, but in reality, that technology knowledge could be the key to opening up new opportunities and career options.

For years the construction industry has lagged behind in digital transformation, but now the tide is starting to turn. As more companies see the benefits of applying technology to various aspects of operations, there is an opportunity for people who have industry experience to step into new roles that involve the implementation of new technology.

Additionally, technology is enabling innovation, providing a platform to gather and process data in a way that wasn’t possible before. An analytical mind or someone with experience in managing complex project budgets might be ideally suited to consult on innovation projects.

Cross sector collaboration opportunities

With new emissions laws coming into play and restrictions on waste dumping, companies will need people with industry experience to help find ways to implement reductions on site. People skilled in problem solving, with an interest in environmental concerns and who have the ability to collaborate easily with other industry partners, could find themselves heading up interesting projects.

Infrastructure is also experiencing a challenging time with increasing demand and having to deal with disruptions caused by extreme weather. Innovative weather proofing solutions will be needed in the interim until more permanent wok can be carried out to protect infrastructure. This is likely to create opportunities to take design and innovation to a new level, especially if it is combined with technology or looking at alternative recycled materials as part of the solutions.

Yes there may be a great deal of uncertainly within the construction and infrastructure sectors at present but it is still alive with opportunity. Developing your interests and skills, could be the key to your next career move.