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Skills or certificates – what should a CV showcase?

When applying for a job, a CV is the first impression you get to make. Before a phone call inviting you for an interview, or even the interview itself. A CV sells you and your potential suitability for a specific role. Much can be said […]

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Skills Ellis Fox Blog

Skills to develop at any stage of your career

The best type of career development happens organically – where you discover an area of interest and seek to expand your knowledge in it. Indeed, there are industry trends that highlight where opportunities exist. Such as in renewable energy, infrastructure resilience and modern methods of […]

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Close skills gap Ellis Fox Blog

How can you help bridge the skills gap in Construction and Infrastructure?

The more the industry works to close the skills gap, the more it persists. We talk about perception, how it’s an industry that’s not seen as attractive to work in. We talk about how focusing on improving diversity can bring in untapped expertise, but transformation […]

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Diversity construction Ellis Fox

What’s the current state of diversity in construction?

The construction sector has often come under fire for the gender pay gap and lack of diversity within the industry, as well as the lack of progress in this regard. The response of many construction professionals is somewhat defensive, citing that it isn’t a true […]

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Construction hiring Ellis Fox Blog

Hiring in Construction, Infrastructure and Utilities – lessons from 2021

One of the trends emerging from 2021 has been the great resignation. This hasn’t been unique to construction or even the UK, it’s been taking place globally. Businesses have been challenged by the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, managing teams working from home and trying […]

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Construction major projects skills Ellis Fox Blog

What can make or break major projects?

Major projects such as HS2 and Crossrail are often in the news, citing problems with funding, productivity, community objections or government approvals. But there is one element that often gets overlooked, because it’s not in the public eye.  It’s the people driving the success of […]

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Quantity Surveyor Ellis Fox

Construction bidding – What comes first, bid or hire?

Bidding on major frameworks, whether as part of a joint venture or sole main contractor is a major undertaking. There are many considerations, not least of which is taking into account the specific skills needed to win and deliver on a project. Many companies are […]

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Construction Skills Ellis Fox Blog

Can the UK develop the skills construction needs?

In the lead up to Brexit and in the wake of sweeping immigration changes, the construction industry warned that losing access to EU and other foreign workers could place it at a disadvantage. Already in 2018, predictions were that there weren’t sufficient skills to replace […]

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UK infrastructure future Ellis Fox Blog

The future of UK infrastructure

There are grand hopes that it is the development of infrastructure and utilities that will help stimulate growth in the British economy. Funding has been made available and frameworks announced. But the questions remain: What does infrastructure of the future look like? Will the industry […]

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save construction Ellis Fox Blog

5 Key construction management skills needed for recovery

As industry sectors are giving the green light to reopen, concerns about safety remain. But for many construction managers the biggest challenge is making business work, while at the same time navigating all the constraints, impacting factors and concerns. Already in May 2020 the construction […]

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