The disaster of being in limbo

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It’s a strange time of year, especially now in the week between Christmas and New Year. It feels like you should be on holiday even if you’re not. Business seems to slow down and it’s almost as if everyone is waiting for the New Year to start. Generally the time spent working is not the most productive, but being in limbo never really is.

Brexit has demonstrated this clearly enough

The official March deadline for the UK leaving the EU came and went unceremoniously and the rest of the year was spent with a lot of wait-and-see while the politicians wrangled. Financially it has been a disaster with construction output down, projects being delayed and budgets staying put, because nobody wanted to invest until they knew for certain what the outcomes of Brexit would be. So the entire year practically was spent in limbo with the UK economy teetering on recession and politicians making grand promises of how everything would be different after the elections. So what really changed in 2019?

A New Year, will 2020 be any different?

If there is one lesson to be learnt in all of this, it is the value of being decisive. For sure Brexit has a big influence on the UK economy as a whole, but waiting hasn’t solved anything. Instead for the most part all the waiting has made things worse. There will always be uncertainty and it will always influence business operations. You may not be able to account for all eventualities, but you should be able to identify and mitigate for at least some of the major risks. Equally, being proactive will help to identify opportunities that come with the change. Companies that are proactive are typically better equipped to handle disruptive factors that may come along.

Moral of the story: Be decisive

Whatever change the New Year brings, be decisive. If you’re looking to hire or move jobs, be decisive about what you want, know what that looks like, and when opportunities arise, act on them right away. In recruitment our experience has shown that the best candidates don’t hang around waiting to hear back from companies, they move quickly to take hold of opportunities. They don’t want to work in a company where they always have to wait for answers. If 2020 is to be a better year, start by being decisive.