Should UK Construction be hiring now?

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As many main contractors start reopening sites and returning to work, it’s accepted that it will be a while before momentum is gained. There are still many obstacles to overcome and new safety requirements as well as backlogs in the supply chain are going to slow the speed at which work can progress. While there is still a heightened risk, many contractors may not operate with a full workforce. Either because they cannot afford the salaries, or because workers are staying home due to illness.

Construction management are facing a new set of challenges. Are they equipped to make the right decisions that will move the company forward? Or do they need a little help? Now while budgets may remain a concern when it comes to hiring, this needs to be evaluated in light of what’s needed right now. The industry is already at a breaking point, making poor decisions now could sink the ship. But getting in the right expertise, even in the form of an interim could help the company weather the storm and emerge the other end stronger and better as a result.

Here are 3 reasons why hiring now could benefit construction:

More available

With many people being furloughed or laid off, there are more skilled people in the marketplace looking for work. The construction industry has long bemoaned the skills shortage with more jobs available than expertise to fill them. But the pandemic has changed that. Companies that are proactive and strategic about their hiring decisions have an opportunity to gain top expertise that can help them better transition out of this lockdown period.

More negotiable

Everyone is fully aware of the current economic situation and most will be grateful for an opportunity to work and use their expertise. They won’t be expecting flashy salaries with loads of benefits, they’ll more likely just be expecting fair compensation. So don’t let a limited budget prevent you from making a hiring decision, people are more likely to be negotiable.

More flexible

The pandemic has highlighted the need for more flexible working arrangements and this can take on many forms. From working remotely to only working a few days a week or a set number of hours a month. People are more likely to consider flexible working opportunities as it’s better than sitting at home unemployed. Hiring is a possibility even with current constraints. It may just require a little more ingenuity right now.