By now most people have grown more comfortable with working from home and companies have adapted their systems to accommodate and facilitate remote working. But large organisations still require management. And management requires the ability to interface with their teams. So how can this be achieved effectively when you and your team are all working remotely? Here are our top tips:

Ensure systems work

Remote working has the benefit of improving productivity, if team members have what they need to do the job. If your organization was not very focused on technology before, now is the time to get up to speed. Basic requirements include: a reliable internet connection, a computer with the right systems and operating speed required for the role. Staff may also need access to company resources or databases. Allocating secure logins will not only support staff working remotely, it can also help with the management and collaboration on projects.

Be aware of challenges

Regardless of whether employees live alone or with their families, there are some new challenges that will be experienced working from home. For families, juggling the responsibilities of homeschooling, toddler entertainment and domestic tasks, all while trying to put in a full day’s work is challenging. For people living alone, the solitude can start to feel oppressive after a while. Don’t expect everyone to be operating normally every day. The situation is so far from the normal we were used to. Give employees the grace they need when they’re having a bad day.

Communicate often and honestly

There is enough uncertainty without employees having to worry about what’s happening with the business. Check in regularly with your team. Find out how they are really doing and be supportive. Know what is happening in terms of projects, work flow and the supply chain, and keep employees updated. If there needs to be salary cuts, let them know about the possibility. While it is never nice to have to break bad news, at least it gives them time to process it and plan ahead.

Encourage feedback and ideas

Remote working on this scale is new for most businesses and it is an ideal opportunity to streamline and improve business processes. Invite feedback and encourage the discussion of new ways to do things. In particular, reward innovation because it could be the key to surviving the economic rollercoaster we’re currently on.