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Should you consider becoming an Interim?

For most people who have had a salaried job their whole career, the thought of moving to a contract format can be daunting. While the initial concerns may be about job security, these are often unfounded. As a senior professional with 10-15 years’ experience, you […]

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Now and into the future – How to gain more construction expertise for your company

Construction companies are feeling the skills gap acutely. While it’s been a known issue for a while, it doesn’t seem to be improving. Good candidates know that they are in demand and weigh up their options carefully. As a result, companies are having to work […]

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Keeping up with emerging technology in construction

Between Chat GPT and Bard the world has been abuzz with talk about generative AI. What it means for different industries, job security and the future of how organizations will be structured. Despite all the hype, in construction, things still move slowly. Yet it’s a […]

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How to quickly fill a senior skills gap

In infrastructure and utilities, one of the biggest challenges is finding suitable candidates to fill senior roles when you need them. Even once you’ve gone through the hiring process and had an offer accepted, most senior professionals can’t just walk away and start immediately. They […]

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3 Benefits to Hiring an Interim in Construction

At a time when all industries – not just construction – are struggling to fill job positions, many companies are looking for alternate ways to fill the most urgent gaps. When it comes to senior roles or areas of specific expertise, an interim is often […]

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Skills gap mentorship Ellis Fox Blog

How to bridge the skills gap now for a better future in construction

The skills crisis in construction has been talked about for years, yet investment in training and development doesn’t seem to have had much impact. Perhaps because so many construction firms were struggling to keep their heads above water and the pipeline of projects wasn’t looking […]

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Quantity Surveyor Ellis Fox

Construction bidding – What comes first, bid or hire?

Bidding on major frameworks, whether as part of a joint venture or sole main contractor is a major undertaking. There are many considerations, not least of which is taking into account the specific skills needed to win and deliver on a project. Many companies are […]

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Should you consider becoming a Non-Executive Director?

For many who have achieved a great deal of success in their career, it may get to a point where you wonder; “What’s next?” At a senior level, options are limited simply because there are fewer positions available and senior executives don’t move frequently. However, […]

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Should UK Construction be hiring now?

As many main contractors start reopening sites and returning to work, it’s accepted that it will be a while before momentum is gained. There are still many obstacles to overcome and new safety requirements as well as backlogs in the supply chain are going to […]

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How will the new tax laws impact the construction supply chain?

In April 2020, a new tax law comes into effect which will directly impact the private sector and many smaller sub-contractors. It relates to IR35 status with the responsibility of PAYE and National Insurance payments shifting to the employer or fee payer. The status of […]

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