The thinking used to be, get a degree, get a job and become an expert in that field. Certainly that is something to aspire to, but the market place has changed. Job security, for one, is a thing of the past. Between volatile market conditions and disruptive technologies, companies and professionals alike are needing to keep up or risk finding themselves redundant.

For some the response to this is to excel at what they do and hold on to their job with both hands, for others it’s to keep an eye out for new opportunities. The question is; when is it time to move on? And what can you do to ensure that the move is successful? Here are our top tips on making this happen:

  1. Technology mindset

Technology is disrupting the marketplace and revolutionizing operations and business solutions. Keeping up to date with technology will allow you to identify new opportunities. Either that you can implement in your current role, or, having the right knowledge, opens the door to a new opportunity elsewhere. If your current organization is not open to change or innovation, they could soon be facing steep competition in the marketplace. Do you want to stay on a sinking ship?  Or would you prefer to be at the leading edge of what’s happening in the industry with a more progressive company?

  1. Professional collaboration

If you enjoy collaborating with other industry professionals it is a sure way to expand your business network and keep up to date on industry opportunities. Many organisations are open to hiring people who can transfer their skills from one industry sector to another, especially when they have had some exposure because of projects they have collaborated on.

  1. Work environment and soft skills

In the construction industry, technical skills are imperative, yet soft skills are equally valuable. If you’ve experienced working with a difficult boss or colleague you’ll know the truth of this first hand. Can you work well with people, are you a leader who can get the most out of your team, or do people come to you when they have technical issues they can’t solve? If so, then you have skills that are highly sought after in the marketplace.  Work can be stressful enough with deadlines and budgets to balance without adding a hostile or difficult environment. If that’s where you find yourself, it could be a sign that it’s time to move.