Qualifications Ellis Fox Blog

Skills or certificates – what should a CV showcase?

When applying for a job, a CV is the first impression you get to make. Before a phone call inviting you for an interview, or even the interview itself. A CV sells you and your potential suitability for a specific role. Much can be said […]

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Talent Construction Ellis Fox Blog

How can you win the flight for talent in construction?

We know that most Main Contractors are struggling to find and retain the talent they need. With more jobs available than a dwindling workforce can provide, it’s not just about attracting more people into the industry, it’s about finding the right people. Expertise, experience, understanding […]

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Interview Ellis Fox Blog

What interviewers want to know about you

Sitting down to an interview, a common question interviewers ask is: “Tell me about yourself.” For candidates who haven’t prepared for the question, it can be overwhelming. The question is so broad, where do you start? To help you answer this and other interview questions, […]

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Skills Ellis Fox Blog

Skills to develop at any stage of your career

The best type of career development happens organically – where you discover an area of interest and seek to expand your knowledge in it. Indeed, there are industry trends that highlight where opportunities exist. Such as in renewable energy, infrastructure resilience and modern methods of […]

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Interview prep Ellis Fox Blog

Interview research and preparation made easier

Even if you’re advanced in your career, interview preparation is not something to be skipped. Certainly as a senior professional you may not have hours of spare time to research the company you’re interviewing with, but that doesn’t mean you need to wing it. By […]

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In demand skills Ellis Fox Blog

What are the most in-demand skills in a construction downturn?

The forecast for construction going into 2023 indicates a downturn in output and new project starts. This slowdown is to be expected given the inflationary pressure the industry has been feeling in the past few months. The demand for skills remains high, especially as main […]

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Future proof Ellis Fox blog

How to future proof your career

The current economic climate is a little unnerving. As inflation starts to bite, employers and employees alike are feeling the pressure to make their purse stretch a little further. A number of firms have fallen into administration and yet the demand for skills in construction, […]

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Hire Interims Ellis Fox Blog

3 Benefits to Hiring an Interim in Construction

At a time when all industries – not just construction – are struggling to fill job positions, many companies are looking for alternate ways to fill the most urgent gaps. When it comes to senior roles or areas of specific expertise, an interim is often […]

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Resign Ellis Fox Blog

How to resign and retain good business relationships

With the huge skills shortage that currently exists in construction, many senior professions that may not have considered a move are being approached with enticing offers. They may be quite happy where they’re working, yet an opportunity may be too good to turn down. As […]

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UK telecoms infrastructure Ellis Fox Blog

What will it take to deliver faster telecoms in the UK?

Technology is amazing, enabling people to connect anytime, anywhere. Well, almost anywhere depending on if there is a reliable internet infrastructure. The UK government has made some ambitious promises regarding upgrading the current fibre and cell phone infrastructure so that more people have access to […]

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