Interview preparation guidelines for senior roles

Senior role interview Ellis Fox Blog

Knowing that there’s a demand for skills in construction and infrastructure in the UK, should empower those going for interviews with a greater level of confidence. Still, there’s the thought of being under review or being caught off guard by an unexpected question that can be daunting, no matter how advanced you are in your career.

Being confident comes down to preparation so in this week’s article we highlight some of what companies are looking for and how to prepare for an interview so that you put your best self forward.

Leverage data to your advantage

At a senior level what most companies want to know is: Can you deliver? In this instance data can be your friend as it’s not subjective and can clearly demonstrate your capabilities. When asked about your achievements or specific skills, first frame your answer in terms of specific outcomes that can be quantified by data. This is more likely to get the interviewer to sit up and pay closer attention to what you’re saying. Highlight the impact you had on a project in terms of cost savings or time to delivery and then go on to explain how you achieved it. This will give you an opportunity to showcase your expertise in a way that demonstrates you can do the job.

Demonstrate proactive interest

Interviewers will expect you to have done some research on the company, know what major projects they’re working on and if they have clear priorities such as decarbonization or achieving net zero on site. You can use this to your advantage by asking pertinent questions about the company and the role that you’re interviewing for. You’re expected to have questions. Make sure they’re ones that show your understanding of the industry and the broader issues impacting it. When you’re prepared and can ask these questions from a place of confidence, it helps spur on conversations in the interview.

Speak honestly

At a senior level, you know what you want in your next career move, so don’t be shy to ask for it. If, for example, flexible working or having access to specific technologies is important to you, be sure to mention that in the conversation. Understanding the company culture and knowing what you need plays an important role in your ability to be successful. Especially if performance is to be measured by specific KPI’s.