Health and safety Ellis Fox blog

What can be done to improve mental health and safety in construction

In the past year there have been an alarmingly high rate of health and safety incidents on construction sites. From fatal and life altering accident to an increasing number of suicides in the industry, it’s cause for concern. There’s no debate that current economic times […]

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Braveheart – White Paper

Old style leadership is quite entrenched in the construction industry with change taking place slowly. Some say this is part of the problem. Leadership is not keeping up to modern working expectations and ways of working. What needs to change and what approach to leadership […]

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Senior role interview Ellis Fox Blog

Interview preparation guidelines for senior roles

Knowing that there’s a demand for skills in construction and infrastructure in the UK, should empower those going for interviews with a greater level of confidence. Still, there’s the thought of being under review or being caught off guard by an unexpected question that can […]

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Confident return workplace Ellis Fox Blog

How to return to the workplace with confidence

The reasons people take a gap in their career are becoming increasingly diverse. From family responsibility, personal illness, travel sabbaticals, or further study, a gap in in a CV is neither unusual nor something to count against candidates. Companies are realising that people are prioritising […]

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Construction 2023 whats different Ellis Fox Blog

How will construction’s focus shift in 2023?

Most companies are approaching 2023 cautiously and this is not entirely a bad thing. The reality is that economic times are tough, resources are constrained and companies are looking to maximize what they have – including talent and expertise – to create efficiencies. There’s recognition […]

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LinkedIn networking Ellis Fox Blog

How to leverage LinkedIn to progress your career in infrastructure

LinkedIn has always had the reputation as being the more serious of social media channels and indeed it is a highly effective platform for building both a professional network and personal brand. There’s huge value in this. It’s a way to discover new technologies, learn […]

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Employee retention Ellis Fox Blog

How to retain your top employees

The ongoing skills shortage in construction is resulting in many construction firms having to dig deeper into their pockets to keep employees happy. Recently, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reflects exceptionally high bonuses being paid to retain employees in the construction industry. […]

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Water Neutrality Ellis Fox Blog

Sustainability spotlight on Water Neutrality in Construction

The task of initiating sustainable business practices is becoming increasingly complex. While a great deal of focus has been placed on more sustainable building methods, increasing energy efficiency, using repurposed building materials and reducing waste on site, an element of sustainability that isn’t widely talked […]

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Resign Ellis Fox Blog

How to resign and retain good business relationships

With the huge skills shortage that currently exists in construction, many senior professions that may not have considered a move are being approached with enticing offers. They may be quite happy where they’re working, yet an opportunity may be too good to turn down. As […]

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Skills gap Ellis Fox blog

What can be done about the skills crisis?

It is good that the construction industry is booming with multiple major infrastructure projects coming online. It’s creating more opportunities for companies and individuals. But amid the major expansion plans that most players in the construction sector have, there’s one major flaw. There’s not enough […]

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