Interview confidence Ellis Fox Blog

How to respond to interview questions with confidence

Being asked to talk about yourself is such a broad question, yet it’s the default that most interviews start with. For candidates it’s awkward to answer because although it may seem like a logical starting point, do you talk about skills, success, interests, or career […]

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Senior role interview Ellis Fox Blog

Interview preparation guidelines for senior roles

Knowing that there’s a demand for skills in construction and infrastructure in the UK, should empower those going for interviews with a greater level of confidence. Still, there’s the thought of being under review or being caught off guard by an unexpected question that can […]

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career progression Ellis Fox blog

How to accelerate your career progression

With the current skills shortage there’s a huge opportunity for ambitious professionals to accelerate moving up in the ranks. In today’s economy it’s no longer about how many years you’ve been in a company. Rather it’s about how much value you can bring to the […]

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Job interview confidence Ellis Fox Blog

3 Ways to build confidence before a job interview

Despite having a wealth of experience, most senior professionals don’t move jobs that often. This means that preparing for a job interview can be unnerving. Will you be able to answer the questions in a way that is professional and showcases your expertise without sounding […]

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Interim difference Ellis Fox Blog

Can you as an interim make a difference to a construction industry in crisis?

There is no question that the industry is in dire need of expertise. Every month brings news of yet another company falling under administration or insolvency. It doesn’t seem to matter if the company was once one of biggest or even the oldest in the […]

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Interims Ellis Fox Recruitment

Are you hiring who you want instead of what you need?

In recruiting there is a lot of talk about finding the right “fit”. People that have similar values to the organization and who will fit in with the company culture. And while this is valid and true, sometimes it pays to shake things up a […]

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Hiring for tomorrow Ellis Fox Blog

How to successfully hire for today and tomorrow

There have been a lot of changes in senior management within the construction industry lately, with CEO’s, CFO’s and managing directors moving within the industry to other main contractors. This in turn has created opportunities for others to take on more senior roles. But are […]

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