Should you accept that offer?

Accept offer Ellis Fox Blog

Whether you’re making a move because you’re unhappy in your current role or because it’s an opportunity too good to refuse, when it comes down to accepting the offer, there can always be a moment of doubt. Is this the right career move? Are the benefits going to be all that’s promised? Is there a way to stay at your current company and get an offer to match?

These questions are legitimate. And it’s not a bad thing to take a moment to re-evaluate if you’re making the right decision. It is your career after all and your professional reputation at stake. The important thing to remember is to consider if you’ve thought through all the reasons as to why you’re considering resigning and accepting another offer.

What attracted you to the new offer?

Was it your ego that responded to being approached to consider a new role when you weren’t even looking? Was it the money or benefits? Or was it the opportunity to work for a main contractor or major project that you’ve been admiring from afar? Carefully consider what made you excited about the opportunity and compare that to the expectations associated with the role as well as future career prospects. If it was just about the earning potential ask yourself how long you’d be willing to stick around if another better offer came along. Job hopping may help to accelerate your earning in the short term, but ultimately companies look for people that will stick around to add value and invest in what the company is building.

Would you stay if your current employer offered you the same?

One of the biggest challenges currently in placing candidates is negotiating counter offers made by existing employers desperate not to lose yet another employee. If you were genuinely happy in your current role until a better offer came along, why are you so eager to move on? Could it be that it was a comfortable role where you knew the ropes and were respected and that’s not something you want to lose. Asking for a matching offer from an existing employer might get you what you want – the comfort and more money – but it comes with a cost. Employers will view you differently and in time, after being passed over for promotions, you may ultimately leave anyway.

Moving jobs is a natural part of career progression. No matter the deciding factors, ultimately, it’s up to you to discern what’s right for you. Just make sure you understand why, and that, that WHY, aligns with your career goals and personal values.