Modern methods of construction Ellis Fox Blog

Is MMC the key to greater efficiency in construction?

Modern methods of construction are certainly making their mark in the industry, especially in infrastructure. On major projects many main contractors are using offsite construction to speed up construction and it makes sense. Instead of weeks of setting up formwork, prefabricated structures can be brought […]

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Infrastructure design Ellis Fox

How is infrastructure design changing?

Historically, most infrastructure development was based on demand and budget availability, and it was accepted that there would be trade-offs along the way. Unfortunately, those trade-offs primarily resulted in environmental damage, biodiversity loss and sometimes cultural loss too. And now as these factors accumulate the […]

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Construction innovation Ellis Fox Blog

What does technology bring to construction?

It’s generally perceived that investing in innovative technology is something for early adopters. Those willing to take a risk and who can afford to lose money if it doesn’t pan out. But let’s be honest, what business in any industry right now can afford to […]

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Construction sustainability Ellis Fox Blog

How can Construction Leaders Accelerate Sustainability Efforts?

The construction industry has often been accused of slow to accept new innovations and implement change. But with the sector being one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions by industry, the pressure is on to green building efforts and prioritise sustainability. There isn’t a […]

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Innovation construction Ellis Fox Blog

What does the future of innovation in construction look like?

Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas that can have the biggest impact and in an industry such as infrastructure and utilities where construction is usually on a massive scale, these small ideas can sometimes be overlooked. Fortunately the industry is seeing a wave of investment […]

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2021 construction wins Ellis Fox blog

Did UK construction win or lose in 2021?

It was a year that started optimistically for construction. Output was up, vaccine rollouts were promising a swift end to the pandemic and Brexit was mostly finalised. But a few months in, while output continued to climb, other challenges started to surface – supply shortages, […]

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Innovation netzero Ellis Fox Blog

What’s Driving Construction Innovation?

There’s little debate that leadership plays a vital role in business success. It’s not just about navigating operational challenges, or factors influencing the future of the industry, but looking for opportunities to leverage, even if they deviate from the normal way of operating. Currently one […]

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Construction robotics Ellis Fox Blog

New technologies driving change in construction

There is a great deal of innovation taking place in the construction sector and predictions are that 3D printing and off-site manufacturing may well one day overtake traditional construction methods. There are some that believe the industry could benefit a great deal if this were […]

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Mindset Ellis Fox Blog

Mindset matters

When one talks about mindset, it’s usually in the context of having a positive or negative approach to life. Indeed in recruitment we’ve witnessed how people with a “can-do” mindset tend to go further, have larger professional networks and enjoy a greater level of success […]

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Infrastructure efficiency Ellis Fox Blog

Promises vs Reality – What will deliver Infrastructure Efficiency?

When new infrastructure projects are announced it is usually with great fanfare. There’s much focus on the amount of money being invested in the project, how many jobs will be created and the benefits to the public. These are all positives, but the reality is […]

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