Hiring? Be prepared to be interviewed too

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While most candidates do still feel a twinge of nervousness when going for a job interview, they are no longer the only ones in the hot seat. Today the interview process is a two way street where the candidates are also assessing their options and deciding if your company is one that they want to work for. So what can you do to ensure the candidate experience is positive?

Industry reputation:

Know that the hiring process starts even before you write the job description. With so much information publically available through the internet and social media, you can be sure that candidates will know all about your organisation before applying for a job.

Is your organization known for progressive thinking or for traditional business? Believe it or not that matters more than you think. If you want to attract candidates who are innovators to drive change, there needs to be a culture that is open to change and innovation, otherwise their efforts will be frustrated and they know this.

Interview with the future in mind:

While not every candidate will be the right fit for the role, the interview process should still be a positive experience. Even if the candidate doesn’t get the role, they are still in the industry. Your organisation may well work with them in the future as a client, supplier, or joint venture partner. If they’ve had a poor interview experience, it could well sour and influence future prospects of working together.

Clear communications:

Being open and honest about the role and responsibilities as well as the working environment will facilitate a better hiring process. Candidates will have a better understanding of what’s expected of them and if the organisation will be a good fit. Give candidates an opportunity to ask questions. This can provide valuable insight as to what’s important to them. Provide interview feedback in a timely manner and be constructive, even if they don’t successfully land the role.

Keep it relevant:

When hiring for a senior or technical role it’s good to include the person they’ll be reporting to or who has a good understanding of the technical requirements of the role. This can facilitate better assessment of skills and experience. It also allows for the parties to meet and ascertain if they’re the type of personalities who could work well together.

While we’ve highlighted just a few points, there are many factors that can influence the candidate experience. If this is a topic of interest and you’d like to find out how your organization can improve your candidate experience, feel free to connect with the Ellis Fox team. We’d be glad to assist. Contact us on email: team@ellisfox.co.uk or Tel: 020 7183 0255.