Climate Critical – White Paper

Each year the impact of the climate crisis is being felt more, specifically relating to the disruptions to critical infrastructure. What role and responsibility does construction have with regards to climate change and what can be done to change the trajectory that we’re on?

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Future Proofing Construction – White Paper

Following the pandemic, construction was one of the industries that has been tasked with spearheading the economic recovery, but not everything has gone according to plan. The industry is having to navigate much more than just challenging economic times which is hampering progress. What will […]

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The Perfect Storm

Brexit has come and gone and many of the dire warnings and predictions have proven to be true. The challenges are far from over, how can construction continue to navigate the stormy waters?

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Flood damage Ellis Fox Blog

Will the UK’s infrastructure survive ongoing storms?

The past week saw the UK battered by three consecutive storms resulting in heavy rain and snow, strong winds and extensive damage to infrastructure. Train stations were flooded, coastal town were battered, and many major roads and motorways became impassable under the deluge of water. […]

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Circular economy construction Ellis Fox Blog

Can construction learn to bend?

As the world rethinks business strategies, many are hinting that the only sustainable way of rebuilding the economy is if industry starts to embrace the circular economy. Most senior professionals are aware of the concept of the circular economy, reducing reliance on new resources and […]

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Construction positive Ellis Fox Blog

How to stay positive despite a gloomy future outlook

The construction industry has been battling bad news for more than two years. And just when things were starting to look up for the sector, with the go-ahead of HS2 and improved output in February and the beginning of March, corona struck. If people were […]

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Construction change Ellis Fox Blog

When traditions no longer serve us

As Britons we’re very proud of our traditions and our heritage. Rugby, cricket, polo, the country club, and various societies that we are part of remind us of traditions that make us proud. Even in business there is a certain order, a way of doing […]

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technology construction Ellis Fox

What technologies will influence construction in 2020?

For several years now there has been much talk about how technology could revolutionise the construction industry. While adoption rates have remained slow technology implementation is gaining momentum. Could 2020 be the year that things really start to change? BIM has already made inroads within […]

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Digital transformation Ellis Fox Blog

How can digital technology improve construction output?

Despite the advances of modern technology, the construction industry is still lagging behind when it comes to digital transformation and using technology to improve output. Digital adoption has been slow, in part due to wariness of new technologies, and in part due to the investment […]

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Uncertainty - Ellis Fox Blog

The disaster of being in limbo

It’s a strange time of year, especially now in the week between Christmas and New Year. It feels like you should be on holiday even if you’re not. Business seems to slow down and it’s almost as if everyone is waiting for the New Year […]

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