Many main contractors are working hard to attract top talent. But there are still economic challenges limiting the reality of what can offered in terms of salaries. It’s understood that senior professionals won’t move for the same level of pay. It has to be an attractive offer, plus something more. And that more needs to be based on more than just money.

Here’s how some companies are sweetening the deal. They’re worth considering if you want to make a competitive offer.

Flexible working

Because many people have strong personal feelings on the subject, the ability to have a choice whether to work in office, from home or a combination thereof is very valuable. There are financial considerations in terms of saving on daily commuting costs. But the more important factor about flexible working is time. Giving back employees 60 to 120 minutes a day that they can rather spend with their families or on leisure activities instead of commuting is valuable. Also, it’s about giving employees autonomy to make their own decisions about how they want to work and what suits them.


Today’s career progression is all about technology. Knowing how to use it to gain efficiencies and be more organised. If employers expect employees to be proficient, they need to be able to provide the resources to support them. Companies that hold back on investing in technology or aren’t proactive with regards to digital transformation, will not be able to attract top talent. On the flip side those that invest in empowering employees with training and supporting them with technology tools will not only gain a competitive advantage, they’ll also have happier, more productive employees.

Extended benefits

When budgets are constrained, there are alternate ways to reward employees. Some companies adopt unlimited leave policies, where employees can take as much time off as they want. Others offer a 4-day work week, 1 Friday off a month or random bonus days off. There are other ways to apply this such as no meetings before 9:30am or after 4pm or meeting free days. This takes the pressure off employees and gives them time to get on with their work without interruptions. It’s all about creating a more productive working environment where employees feel valued. There’s no better way to achieve this than demonstrating that you value and respect their time at work.