Offer worth it Ellis Fox Blog

What makes an offer worth considering?

Many main contractors are working hard to attract top talent. But there are still economic challenges limiting the reality of what can offered in terms of salaries. It’s understood that senior professionals won’t move for the same level of pay. It has to be an […]

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Construction boom Ellis Fox Blog

Projects leading the UK construction boom

Despite the challenges of the past year, there’s one silver lining. After years of decline, the UK construction industry is showing a strong turnaround and is set to lead the way in terms of economic recovery in the UK. A major contributing factor is the […]

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Circular economy construction Ellis Fox Blog

Can construction learn to bend?

As the world rethinks business strategies, many are hinting that the only sustainable way of rebuilding the economy is if industry starts to embrace the circular economy. Most senior professionals are aware of the concept of the circular economy, reducing reliance on new resources and […]

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Construction pipeline Ellis Fox Blog

What’s in the pipeline for Construction?

There is no debate that construction plays a vital role in the economy and as a result any type of recovery plan would need to include a sizeable investment to stimulate the industry. While main contractors are seeing a trend from private clients delaying decisions […]

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