Offer worth it Ellis Fox Blog

What makes an offer worth considering?

Many main contractors are working hard to attract top talent. But there are still economic challenges limiting the reality of what can offered in terms of salaries. It’s understood that senior professionals won’t move for the same level of pay. It has to be an […]

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Salary offer Ellis Fox Blog

Salaries and benefits – What to offer?

It’s common expectation from a candidate perspective that taking on a new role will include a better salary, and possibly additional benefits to go along with it.  Also, current hiring trends indicate that many candidates seek more flexible working arrangements in addition to financial payment. […]

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Hiring salary Ellis Fox Blog

Should salary be role or person based?

Hiring is currently very competitive with a shortage of skilled professionals who are in high demand. This means that when it comes to negotiating salaries, candidates often have the upper hand. But budgets are tight and often companies have a specific figure in mind when […]

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Salary negotiation Ellis Fox Blog

Playing your cards right in salary negotiations

For both candidates and companies salary negotiations can be tricky. Show your cards too soon and you could lose out, ending up paying more or earning less than you would have liked. Finding the winning option for both parties is not simple, but it can […]

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