What does the construction sector downturn mean for your career prospects?

Construction career progression Ellis Fox Blog

Currently industry journals are dominated by headlines citing a continued downturn in construction output. This isn’t really news. Given current economic trends and a multitude of challenges it would have been more surprising if construction had managed to remain buoyant.

While the bigger industry picture isn’t very positive, the one thing that is not seeing a decline is the demand for top talent. With margins paper thin, companies are recognising the value of having the right people who can help them weather the storms ahead.

If you have key skills and a career path that shows you deliver value, now could be the ideal time to consider your options. There are few things more rewarding than being instrumental in making an impact at a critical time. One that determines the success of a project or a company.

If you’re considering your next move, here are 3 questions to ask yourself:

1 – Right company?

As a candidate, you can afford to be selective about who to work for. It’s worth investigating the role and the current company situation. This can be done by researching online, reaching out to your industry network, or asking the hiring manager direct questions in the interview.

What’s you’re really trying to determine is the stability and culture of the company. You don’t want to take up an offer only to find out the company is in trouble. Neither do you want to join a company where the pressure is so high that it’s created a toxic culture.

2 – Right opportunity?

This is primarily about the role. Do you have the expertise to deliver on expectations? Can you do the job with your eyes closed or will you be challenged? Is it a role where you will be exposed to new technologies or processes? Is it in a sector or area of construction that has potential for growth despite current circumstances? It’s important to look ahead and think about how these possibilities will impact your job satisfaction in future.

3 – Right reasons?

Are you feeling pulled towards a new opportunity because it has something exciting to offer or are you merely frustrated in your current role and want to move on? When you start a new role you want it to be with a positive frame of mind. Take the time to discern your motivations to understand if you’re considering moving for the right reasons.