Resign your way and be confident about it

Resign well Ellis Fox Blog

As much as employees go through the process of searching for a new job, interviewing and considering offers, when it comes to resigning, there’s still a level of anxiety. For some reason in that moment when you have to confront your manager and hand over your resignation letter, you start doubting if you’ve made the right decision.

This is a natural response. Change is hard, even when you know it’s for the better. There’s a part of you that will always wonder if you’re being disloyal by leaving. Your employer might think so. They might even verbalise it. Don’t let this make you second guess your decision.

Remember that you didn’t make the decision to seek out a new opportunity lightly. If you’re confident that it’s the right move for you then be confident in how you go about resigning. Here are some pointers that may help you.

  1. Know your why’s

In your mind work through the reasons why you’re leaving as well as what the new opportunity has to offer. When this is clear in your mind it will be easier to articulate when your boss asks you questions. If you must, right a short list for yourself and read through it to refresh your mind before going in to tender your resignation.

  1. Don’t entertain the guilt

It’s perfectly normal to move jobs every few years as part of your career progression. The days of expecting 20 years of loyalty are long gone. If your boss is unhappy about you leaving its confirmation that you’re making the right decision. Their unhappiness is likely more about losing your expertise and having to replace it, than genuinely considering what the best move is for you.

  1. Be open to staying connected

Consider that there’s a good chance you’ll cross paths with industry colleagues again in the future. Today with social media such as LinkedIn, colleagues can easily follow your career. If’ you’re open to keeping in contact, it could open doors in the future. You may work with the company again as a client or consultant. Leaving on good terms highlights your level of professionalism and that shows a level of integrity that attract people to want to work with you.