Interims Construction Ellis Fox Blog

Should you consider becoming an Interim?

For most people who have had a salaried job their whole career, the thought of moving to a contract format can be daunting. While the initial concerns may be about job security, these are often unfounded. As a senior professional with 10-15 years’ experience, you […]

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Construction costs Ellis Fox Blog

As construction costs skyrocket, can skills make a difference?

A recent review indicated that London is now the most expensive city to build in. More expensive than Geneva, Zurich, Munich, New York City and San Francisco. It’s not just London making the list, there are seven other UK cities in the top 20. Why […]

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Resign well Ellis Fox Blog

Resign your way and be confident about it

As much as employees go through the process of searching for a new job, interviewing and considering offers, when it comes to resigning, there’s still a level of anxiety. For some reason in that moment when you have to confront your manager and hand over […]

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Construction career progression Ellis Fox Blog

What does the construction sector downturn mean for your career prospects?

Currently industry journals are dominated by headlines citing a continued downturn in construction output. This isn’t really news. Given current economic trends and a multitude of challenges it would have been more surprising if construction had managed to remain buoyant. While the bigger industry picture […]

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Year end fatigue Ellis Fox Blog

Year-end fatigue – Does it have you wondering: What’s next?

It’s that time of year when the world seems to spin. There’s just over a month before the year draws to a close and most companies are pushing hard to get projects completed before the festive season shut down. You’re probably already feeling tired and […]

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CEO skills Ellis Fox Blog

CEO skills – what does it take to get to the top?

This week Balfour Beatty announced that their Construction Chief, Mark Bullock will be retiring in December and that they’re on the hunt for a replacement. Those will be big shoes to fill. Balfour Beatty is one of the largest main contractors with a better than […]

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Disconnect Ellis Fox Blog

The disconnect impacting hiring and employee retention

The phrase “We can’t afford that!” is used far too frequently when it comes to hiring. And with it comes the expectation that the candidate will give in and accept a lower offer. It’s a job after all. But let’s not forget that it’s a […]

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Resignations and counteroffers Ellis Fox blog

What companies don’t understand about resignations and counter offers

Companies are often surprised by resignations and try prevent employees from leaving by making a counteroffer. This seldom works. Here’s why:

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Interim Ellis Fox Blog

How to quickly fill a senior skills gap

In infrastructure and utilities, one of the biggest challenges is finding suitable candidates to fill senior roles when you need them. Even once you’ve gone through the hiring process and had an offer accepted, most senior professionals can’t just walk away and start immediately. They […]

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Job at risk Ellis Fox blog

What to do if you feel your job is at risk

As much as there remains a demand for skills in construction and infrastructure, the reality is that many companies are struggling. Lower output, the effects of inflation, and other industry challenges are making it harder to stay profitable. While some main contractors are maintaining healthy […]

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