The Perfect Storm

Brexit has come and gone and many of the dire warnings and predictions have proven to be true. The challenges are far from over, how can construction continue to navigate the stormy waters?

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Construction Skills Ellis Fox Blog

Can the UK develop the skills construction needs?

In the lead up to Brexit and in the wake of sweeping immigration changes, the construction industry warned that losing access to EU and other foreign workers could place it at a disadvantage. Already in 2018, predictions were that there weren’t sufficient skills to replace […]

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Brexit trade deal Ellis Fox Blog

Brexit trade deal and the impacts on construction

Following rounds of unfruitful negotiations over the past years, and as the Brexit deadline on 1 January 2021 loomed, many companies were preparing for the implications of a no-deal Brexit. But just 7 days before the deadline, an agreement was finally reached. There are still […]

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Brexit construction Ellis Fox Blog

What will a no-deal Brexit mean for UK Construction?

With just two months to go until the UK says goodbye to the European Union, there’s a strong likelihood it’s going to be an unceremonious no-deal Brexit. Despite months and years of negotiations agreement on trade deals have not be reached and this is going […]

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Construction workforce Ellis Fox Blog

Let’s do more work with less workers?!

On the back of Brexit there have been many ambitious promises made. Promises for better infrastructure, promises for facilitating a transition to clean energy, promises to deliver affordable housing and public facilities such as hospitals. Not to mention the controversial go-ahead for HS2. All of […]

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Uncertainty - Ellis Fox Blog

The disaster of being in limbo

It’s a strange time of year, especially now in the week between Christmas and New Year. It feels like you should be on holiday even if you’re not. Business seems to slow down and it’s almost as if everyone is waiting for the New Year […]

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Direct labour force skills EF Blog

A direct labour force – is this the change construction needs to secure its future?

Traditionally the construction industry has relied heavily on contract labourers, many of them immigrants and workers from the EU. Now with the turmoil that is Brexit, it’s shining a spotlight on labour sources. If the UK institutes more stringent immigration laws then many existing contract […]

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Brexit – The show goes on…

If nothing else, the lead up to Brexit has been entertaining, with daily headlines screaming out the latest complication. It was never going to be a straightforward deal and while some politicians may be confident of a positive outcome, it’s fairly certain commerce and industry […]

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Be prepared to pay more

If contractors thought their margins were tight before, they’re about to get worse. As the Brexit deadline looms and the governments are no closer to a deal, companies are being warned that they should prepare for the worst. But what does this “worst” look like […]

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Brexit: Planning for the unknown

While the news carries reports of continued failure of Governments on both sides to reach agreement terms for Brexit, the deadline continues to creep closer. In just over 7 months, with or without an agreement in place, Britain will no longer be part of the […]

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