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How do counter offers subtly break relationships?

Accepting a new role is not a decision that’s made lightly, especially if you’re advanced in your career. There’s a great deal of consideration that goes into it, which often includes debating whether the new offer is worth it. It’s about more than pay. It’s […]

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Why a name in lights is not enough

For decades many main contractors have traded on their name. And the fact that they work on major frameworks and projects. There’s an entrenched belief that this is enough to attract and retain top candidates. Unfortunately for main contractors, this is no longer the case. […]

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Hiring for economic recovery Ellis Fox Blog

Hiring for economic recovery

The government has repeatedly confirmed that they want infrastructure and construction to form the backbone of the UK’s post pandemic economic recovery. Major funding has been announced for new frameworks, while major projects such as HS2 and Hinkley Point C are forging ahead. Yet at […]

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It’s complicated? – It shouldn’t be!

The modern day term “it’s complicated” often raises an eyebrow. What is the person not saying? Why is it complicated? And you may be wondering: What does complicated have to do with hiring top talent for utilities and construction? Many companies determine to get the […]

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Uncertainty - Ellis Fox Blog

The disaster of being in limbo

It’s a strange time of year, especially now in the week between Christmas and New Year. It feels like you should be on holiday even if you’re not. Business seems to slow down and it’s almost as if everyone is waiting for the New Year […]

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