When one talks about mindset, it’s usually in the context of having a positive or negative approach to life. Indeed in recruitment we’ve witnessed how people with a “can-do” mindset tend to go further, have larger professional networks and enjoy a greater level of success in their career. The past year has been especially tough and people have been under pressure on all fronts. It’s hard to remain positive in these circumstances. But equally, it is in times like these that it really matters. For more reasons than one.

Possibility and probability

Statistics can be an enemy that prevents us from achieving a goal. If we choose to focus on possibility it generates a more positive attitude than if we look at the probability for success. Probability also narrows our options and hinders innovation. If we think that something can’t work, often the response is to write it off rather than find another solution.

Take for example the new emissions targets that have impacted construction with regards to plant machinery. Traditionally these vehicles were diesel powered with high emissions. With new ultra low emissions zones being declared in inner London, this plant machinery effectively became obsolete before the end of its life cycle. But rather than scrapping those machines some companies are supporting pilot projects that see a retrofit of new exhausts that result in significantly lower emissions. It’s a prime example of mindset at play, where rather than saying there’s nothing that can be done about it, people look at the issue at hand and set about innovating a solution.

Futureproofing construction

This innovative type of mindset is going to become more and more critical in the future of construction to ensure the industry is able to navigate the challenges it faces. It goes beyond positivity to looking at how companies can make better use of the resources that they have and encouraging a culture of learning and innovation among all staff.

Granted this is a big shift from the more autocratic tradition style of doing business, but this is 2021. The construction industry is on an upward trajectory for the first time in years. If it is to sustain itself it will require aligning thinking to include much more than just business objectives. Net zero targets, circular economy, diversity and inclusion – these all require growth mindsets that look at possibility and opportunity. Where is your mindset at?