Gender Gap Ellis Fox Blog

3 Ways construction companies are working to narrow the gender gap

Construction has often come under fire as an industry for being slow to address diversity and equality, especially when it comes to gender disparities. Historically, women earn less than men in the same roles, are more frequently passed over for promotion, and have to navigate […]

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Beyond diversity EFB

Why diversity and inclusion needs to reach beyond hiring

Diversity, equality and inclusivity has become increasingly important in the workplace. Not just from a hiring perspective but also in terms of company policies, benefits offered and terms of employment. For many employees, the pandemic ushered in a heightened awareness of how much of home […]

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Diversity construction Ellis Fox

What’s the current state of diversity in construction?

The construction sector has often come under fire for the gender pay gap and lack of diversity within the industry, as well as the lack of progress in this regard. The response of many construction professionals is somewhat defensive, citing that it isn’t a true […]

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Culture change Ellis Fox Blog

Achieving Culture Change in Construction

As life returns to normal in terms of going to work in an office and being able to enjoy a meal at your favourite restaurant, there is also recognition that not everything about the old normal was that great. It is almost as though having […]

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Construction growth Ellis Fox Blog

Construction Growth – Define Good

In a recent report published by Marsh, titled The Future of Construction: A Global Forecast for Construction to 2030, construction is reported to be on the fastest growth trajectory out of all industries in the next decade. Naturally most professionals in the construction industry celebrate […]

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Mindset Ellis Fox Blog

Mindset matters

When one talks about mindset, it’s usually in the context of having a positive or negative approach to life. Indeed in recruitment we’ve witnessed how people with a “can-do” mindset tend to go further, have larger professional networks and enjoy a greater level of success […]

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Diversity Ellis Fox Blog

Diversity is an issue for men

There’s been much discussion in the construction industry about the gender pay gap and Diversity and Inclusion. Even business research supports the view that the more diverse a company the more likely it is to progress ahead of its competitors. Yet in construction change is […]

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Netzero diversity Ellis Fox blog

One solution for two challenges

There is an opportunity for construction and infrastructure to really get ahead and make a positive impact on society. The pressing issues of climate change and the net-zero targets that have been set by government may seem ambitious, but they could also be just what […]

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Construction productivity Ellis Fox Blog

Productivity, policy and profits

As construction and the development of infrastructure leads the charge towards economic recovery in the UK, there are still some sceptics that question if the industry can actually deliver. Historically main contractors have struggled to maintain profits and productivity and have held on tightly to […]

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Diversity construction Ellis Fox blog

What’s hampering diversity in construction?

Recent events in the USA have highlighted some of the issues regarding diversity and racial prejudice. It’s a heated debate for sure, but what does it have to do with construction? Statistics from a 2014 survey indicate that the percentage of black people and minority […]

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