Energy mix Ellis Fox Blog

Is the UK’s energy mix and security improving?

In recent years there has been a push towards transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewable energy. More recently this has been spurred on by the realisation that continued reliance on gas and oil imports has a detrimental impact on energy security – given global […]

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Energy resilience Ellis Fox Blog

Energy Resilience – renewed urgency to transition to renewables

With their ambitious net zero targets, the UK government has been praised for legislating the path to a greener, more sustainable energy infrastructure. Yet the reality of achieving those goals is still a long way off. Even as an increasing number of investments in hydrogen, […]

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EV infrastructure Ellis Fox Blog

EV Infrastructure in the UK – Is it too ambitious?

There’s no debate that electric vehicles (EV’s) are the transport of the future and the sooner the transition starts the better for the planet. But to succeed the right infrastructure needs to be in place and this is a complex task. The UK has set […]

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Infrastructure green Ellis Fox Blog

How major infrastructure projects can lead the way to net zero

There is a great deal of pressure on the construction industry to accelerate their efforts to achieving net zero. Several main contractors have already outlined their plans to switch to electric or hydrogen vehicles, consider building with recycled materials and implement technology solutions that’ll help […]

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Mindset Ellis Fox Blog

Mindset matters

When one talks about mindset, it’s usually in the context of having a positive or negative approach to life. Indeed in recruitment we’ve witnessed how people with a “can-do” mindset tend to go further, have larger professional networks and enjoy a greater level of success […]

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Green infrastructure Ellis Fox Blog

Green infrastructure – moving past planning a green revolution

Recently the PM Boris Johnson announced an ambitious 10 point green revolution plan. Outlining how the UK can become net zero and achieve its emissions targets by 2050. The plan includes creating at least 250 000 jobs and providing public investment to build the infrastructure […]

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