Tech circular economy Ellis Fox Blog

How tech enables a circular economy in construction

There’s a different train of thought that drives the circular economy, and that is to view everything as a resource. Not just materials such as steel, cement, or aggregate, but whole buildings, highways, railways, power stations, etc. If the construction industry aims to become circular […]

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Infrastructure efficiency Ellis Fox Blog

Promises vs Reality – What will deliver Infrastructure Efficiency?

When new infrastructure projects are announced it is usually with great fanfare. There’s much focus on the amount of money being invested in the project, how many jobs will be created and the benefits to the public. These are all positives, but the reality is […]

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Digital infrastructure Ellis Fox blog

How can the UK accelerate infrastructure development?

It’s no secret the country’s aging infrastructure is in dire need of improvement. In fact this has been the argument for gaining approval for some of the more ambitious rail projects such as Crossrail and HS2. The problem is that while most people will agree […]

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Technology and infrastructure Ellis Fox Blog

UK Infrastructure – What difference can technology make?

When a major infrastructure fails to deliver on time or on budget, everyone loses. The contractors involved, the investors, and members of the public and business owners that were promised better transport or utilities. It’s no wonder that when new major infrastructure projects are announced, […]

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UK infrastructure future Ellis Fox Blog

The future of UK infrastructure

There are grand hopes that it is the development of infrastructure and utilities that will help stimulate growth in the British economy. Funding has been made available and frameworks announced. But the questions remain: What does infrastructure of the future look like? Will the industry […]

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Opportunity economic recovery Ellis Fox Blog

Crises and opportunities on the road to recovery

While the primary focus may currently be on the opportunities for economic recovery following the pandemic, the reality is that the challenges that existed prior to March are still around. Brexit is anything but clarified and the likelihood of disruptions caused by major climate events […]

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Remote management Ellis Fox Blog

Making Remote Management Work

By now most people have grown more comfortable with working from home and companies have adapted their systems to accommodate and facilitate remote working. But large organisations still require management. And management requires the ability to interface with their teams. So how can this be […]

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Construction priorities Ellis Fox Blog

Shifting priorities in UK Construction

Once again UK Construction leaders are facing difficult decisions while various role players debate what factors should be the top priority. Economic activity, relief funding, project progress and staff safety are all are important, does it really have to be a choice between one or […]

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Choice Ellis Fox Blog

What choice do you have?

By now most people are thoroughly sick of watching the news and even browsing social media where every second story is about covid-19. It’s frustrating because nobody asked for this to happen. And yet it is affecting everyone. Perhaps you’ve spent years working hard, building […]

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Video Conference Ellis Fox Blog

Technology as a lifeline

We may not be used to working from home or having to battle with the kids for a corner of the house to cordon off as a quiet office. But one thing that we do have going for us is that technology is enabling us […]

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