It’s time to connect the dots…

Connect the dots Ellis Fox Blog

Every week the news headlines bring more doom and gloom, if it’s not the latest Brexit debacle, it’s how yet another construction firm has closed its doors. It’s certainly shattered the assumption that if you’re big you can’t go bust, and now with one of the oldest construction firms closing, it shows that just because you’ve weathered the past, doesn’t mean you can weather the future.

Perhaps it’s time to connect the dots and see how assumptions are causing businesses to make poor decisions. Particularly in hiring, there are so many preconceived ideas that cloud judgement and most of the time people are completely unaware of the influence.

It’s such an unconscious thing the way we sometimes assume things. Take people and technology for example. We assume the young guy is the tech geek with a know-it-all attitude and a sense of entitlement. So when he comes across as confident in an interview we assume he’s arrogant instead of enthusiastic.

We assume the older guy isn’t willing to learn or embrace new technology and only wants to do things the way he’s always done it. Forgetting that he may well have the experience and insights to bridge the gap between traditional operations and what new technology has to offer. That he knows how to work well with people and could be instrumental in driving real change.

And women in leadership positions in construction? People aren’t too sure how to relate to them. It still seems to take most by surprise and they’re treated with wary if not grudging respect.

There are two things that are significantly impacting business today: Technology and diversity. Organisations that ignore one or the other will find themselves lagging behind. Global industry leaders are those who are open to innovation, who don’t judge but rather give employees the freedom to share their ideas – even if it is not their area of expertise. They recognise that multiple perspectives generate more innovative solutions to problems and they build businesses that can respond quickly to change. That’s what success looks like.

Given the state the construction industry is in, it’s going to need all the expertise it can get – the female engineers and quantity surveyors, the senior change management and turnaround specialists, and the young innovators who understand the possibilities of what technology can do and who are eager to make a difference.

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