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How can construction bridge the gaps in 2024?

As we start a new year it’s an opportunity to consider how to do things differently. And we need to, because some of the gaps that remain are a stumbling block for construction as an industry. It seems that whatever progress is made, it’s often […]

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Equal Pay Ellis Fox Blog

Equal pay – counting the cost of thinking it doesn’t matter

In a recent court decision, Homes England was ordered to pay compensation, including back pay and interest, to a female employee. The dispute came about when she was promoted and discovered that she was earning less than a male colleague who she was now overseeing. […]

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Gender Gap Ellis Fox Blog

3 Ways construction companies are working to narrow the gender gap

Construction has often come under fire as an industry for being slow to address diversity and equality, especially when it comes to gender disparities. Historically, women earn less than men in the same roles, are more frequently passed over for promotion, and have to navigate […]

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Construction hiring Ellis Fox Blog

Hiring in Construction, Infrastructure and Utilities – lessons from 2021

One of the trends emerging from 2021 has been the great resignation. This hasn’t been unique to construction or even the UK, it’s been taking place globally. Businesses have been challenged by the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, managing teams working from home and trying […]

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Construction labour shortage Ellis Fox Blog

Navigating the Construction Labour Crisis

Labour shortages are nothing new to construction. For years the industry has been warning of the diminishing pool of senior expertise as professionals retire or exit the industry. But now the crunch is being felt at all levels, with main contractors reporting they’re having to […]

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Diversity Ellis Fox Blog

Diversity is an issue for men

There’s been much discussion in the construction industry about the gender pay gap and Diversity and Inclusion. Even business research supports the view that the more diverse a company the more likely it is to progress ahead of its competitors. Yet in construction change is […]

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Construction change Ellis Fox Blog

When traditions no longer serve us

As Britons we’re very proud of our traditions and our heritage. Rugby, cricket, polo, the country club, and various societies that we are part of remind us of traditions that make us proud. Even in business there is a certain order, a way of doing […]

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Connect the dots Ellis Fox Blog

It’s time to connect the dots…

Every week the news headlines bring more doom and gloom, if it’s not the latest Brexit debacle, it’s how yet another construction firm has closed its doors. It’s certainly shattered the assumption that if you’re big you can’t go bust, and now with one of […]

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What’s the big deal with the gender pay gap?

The gender pay gap is not something the construction industry likes to talk about. Mostly because whenever statistics are released, they’re named as one of the biggest offenders. The average median hourly pay gap for women across all industries is 18.4%. However, in construction this […]

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What can make a difference to boosting profits in construction?

The construction industry has taken a couple of hard knocks this year and while in some sectors prospects are looking up with increased output and funding becoming available for major infrastructure projects, contractors are not nearly out of the woods. With the recent report on […]

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