It’s complicated? – It shouldn’t be!

Uncomplicate hiring Ellis Fox Blog

The modern day term “it’s complicated” often raises an eyebrow. What is the person not saying? Why is it complicated? And you may be wondering: What does complicated have to do with hiring top talent for utilities and construction?

Many companies determine to get the hiring process right, asking candidates for multiple interviews and assessments. While thoroughness is good, a lengthy and complicated hiring process is not. Especially when you’re hiring for a senior role.

When candidates are asked to jump through too many hoops, it may put them off the role entirely. They may think: “If this is how difficult it is to get into the company, what on earth is it going to be like actually working for the company? Will I even be able to make any decisions or any progress, or will everything get tied up in process?”

If you want to take the complicated out of hiring while still being thorough, here are our 3 top tips for going about it:

Respect the candidates:

The difference in hiring the best for senior roles, is that generally they’re not looking to move. Chances are that they’re being approached, and if they are to consider the opportunity, it needs to be attractive. It also needs to be a hassle free process. Respecting their level of expertise and their current position goes a long way to winning them over. Showing that you understand that their time is at a premium, and that opportunity needs to be worth their while, communicates that they’re valued.

Be efficient and organised

Nobody enjoys a drawn out recruitment process. Top candidates would rather walk away than be messed around. Being organised starts with defining the role accurately. What are the essential skills and mandatory qualifications? Who are the decision makers and how involved do they need to be with the entire hiring process. Is there a way to streamline the assessment and interview process using technology?

Communicate clearly

Overselling a role or making empty promises to entice a candidate are a sure way to fail at hiring. However, clearly communicating the expectations and what is being offered shows that you respect the candidates enough for them to make an informed decision. Letting them know how the process will unfold and when they can expect to hear back from you will help them plan their next move and considerations.