Hiring competition Ellis Fox Blog

Why a name in lights is not enough

For decades many main contractors have traded on their name. And the fact that they work on major frameworks and projects. There’s an entrenched belief that this is enough to attract and retain top candidates. Unfortunately for main contractors, this is no longer the case. […]

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Interview Ellis Fox Blog

How to discern if a candidate has the right skills

Top 3 interview tips to find out more about a candidates skills and experience and if they’re the right fit for a job.

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Remote work Ellis Fox blog

Why remote work is a deal breaker

There are strong views on remote work. This video covers some of the benefits for business.

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Top tips for retaining top talent

Career progression is a matter of timing. Here we talk about how to remain content in your current job when moving isn’t an option.

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Salary match Ellis Fox Blog

Matching salaries – good or bad policy?

There has been a power shift. With so many jobs available and companies struggling to retain current employees, jobseekers are finding they have more leverage when seeking out new roles. This dynamic is driving companies to rethink their policies and benefits and it is creating […]

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Hiring right Ellis Fox Blog

3 Tips for hiring amidst a skills shortage

As the news in the construction and infrastructure industries continues its rollercoaster ride, one factor remains steady – the skills shortage. Statistics from October 2021 put the number of vacancies above 40 000, the highest in years, and indications are that it’s only getting worse. […]

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Uncomplicate hiring Ellis Fox Blog

It’s complicated? – It shouldn’t be!

The modern day term “it’s complicated” often raises an eyebrow. What is the person not saying? Why is it complicated? And you may be wondering: What does complicated have to do with hiring top talent for utilities and construction? Many companies determine to get the […]

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Feedback Ellis Fox Blog

Interview feedback – why it’s better than silence

You’re busy, you have work priorities to focus on, so why should you take the time to respond to candidates who you have no intention of hiring? What difference will it make to them or to the company anyway? A lot, as it turns out! […]

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Decisive hiring Ellis Fox Blog

Hire right, decide now

Don’t underestimate the value of decisive hiring. If you want to be able to hire the top talent in the industry, you need to be prepared to move quickly. Top candidates are not the type to sit around and wait for things to come their […]

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