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How to leverage LinkedIn to progress your career in infrastructure

LinkedIn has always had the reputation as being the more serious of social media channels and indeed it is a highly effective platform for building both a professional network and personal brand. There’s huge value in this. It’s a way to discover new technologies, learn […]

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Hiring leaders to help navigate challenges ahead

In the past week construction journals were filled with headlines on further contractions in construction output amidst continued materials inflation.  Everyone in the industry is feeling the pressure to do more with less. This is highlighted even more by the number of vacancies for senior […]

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Interview questions Ellis Fox Blog

4 Questions to ask in your next job interview

Gone are the days where a job interview was all about finding out what a candidate could bring to a company. In today’s competitive market and with the current shortage of skills in construction, the power has shifted to candidates. While they still need to […]

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Uncomplicate hiring Ellis Fox Blog

It’s complicated? – It shouldn’t be!

The modern day term “it’s complicated” often raises an eyebrow. What is the person not saying? Why is it complicated? And you may be wondering: What does complicated have to do with hiring top talent for utilities and construction? Many companies determine to get the […]

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Getting off the back foot

You have to admit, as much as we all wanted 2020 to be the year of positive change, it has gotten off to a rather chaotic start. Even with the intention to implement positive change in the industry, it’s a little difficult to gain any […]

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