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3 Ways to build confidence before a job interview

Despite having a wealth of experience, most senior professionals don’t move jobs that often. This means that preparing for a job interview can be unnerving. Will you be able to answer the questions in a way that is professional and showcases your expertise without sounding boastful? How do you find out if the company is offering what you’re looking for? And most importantly, what questions can you ask to determine if this is the next best move for your career?

This article suggests three ways to prepare and build your confidence so that you give your best interview. Think through each of these elements and prepare your answers in advance.

Focus on value

Companies look for people that add value, either through their expertise, ability to lead teams, technical knowledge or specialist skills. These attributes can be difficult to communicate on a CV. The best way to showcase this in an interview is to talk numbers.  For example: You developed and led a team of 20 and achieved 70% diversity within the team. A success that translated into innovating new structures and procedures that improved productivity by 15%. Or, you led a bid team that successfully landed £500 million in frameworks over a period of 12 months. When you can demonstrate value in numbers it naturally elevates your expertise.

Identify and talk about specific expertise

If the company is hiring because they have a gap, it’s an opportunity to talk about your expertise in a way that fills it. Research the company in advance. Find out what projects they’re working on or areas they’re looking to develop. Then consider how your expertise can fill that gap and how you can add value to the company. Talk with a focus on the projects or what needs to be done or what new ideas could be implemented to improve results. All of this showcases your expertise.

Be honest and know your value

At a senior level, you know the type of work environment you want to be in and how you operate best. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask about organizational structures and culture to understand if it’s a place you can be happy working. Don’t be shy to share what’s important to you. Being confident in asking for what you want often enhances your value.