How can commercial directors keep their teams motivated?

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The craziness of 2020 is far from over. As the UK enters the winter months and the risks of the virus rear their ugly head again, the workplace will become more stressful. Most companies were just starting to feel a sense of ‘normal’ again, and now they have to plan on how to deal with the next set of challenges. It’s vital that employees’ wellbeing features in this plan. With so many concerns about job security and furlough, people need to know they matter. Consider these ideas to keep teams motivated.

Stay connected

With many teams working from home for several months of the year, it’s been hard to stay connected without distractions. While flexible working arrangements have benefits, they can also be stressful when trying to balance work and family commitments. Staying connected with teams through a weekly check-in needs to go beyond work updates. Key elements are to find out if they are doing okay on a personal level and if there are aspects of their work that they’re struggling with or need additional support with. Knowing they can ask for help, enables them to work without fear of being reprimanded if they come up against a problem.

Become technology focused

The pandemic has achieved what talk hasn’t: a major need to work more creatively and a swift acceleration of digital transformation. With budgets constrained, companies are having to use resources – including human resources more effectively and find more creative solutions to project problems. Remote working requires adoption of digital tools for efficient team collaboration and many teams have become more proficient at using them. But digital transformation shouldn’t stop there, entrenching a culture of innovation and encouraging creative exploration of technology can help companies become more competitive.

Encourage growth

When crises happen, a natural reaction is to pull back. However, now is a critical time to invest in staff. Sir Robert McAlpine recently announced they’re upskilling hundreds of employees in data analysis. This is an excellent example of how to ensure future growth for both employees and the company. Creating opportunities for learning will support organisational goals for growth. Additionally, due to company closures and downsizing there are many more great candidates currently available. With construction focused on playing an important role in economic recovery, and many major infrastructure projects starting to gain momentum, hiring right can support and accelerate growth.