Common ways companies lose opportunities to hire great candidates

Company interview fails Ellis Fox blog

Last week’s article on interviewing seemed to hit a nerve, if the feedback from my network is anything to go by. Several people shared their bad interviewing experiences. It’s a very real reminder that the small things that companies do, and don’t think matter, are actually giving the company a bad reputation in the industry. Is it any wonder then that some companies are finding it harder to attract quality candidates?

In this week’s article, we touch on a few simple things that companies do that can alienate top candidates and make them walk away:

  1. Being late for an interview

Making people wait is a common form of power play and top candidates see right thought it. Whether an interview is taking place online or in person, show the candidate respect by being on time. They’re taking time out of their day (sometimes even taking time off work) to make themselves available for the interview. Show them that you appreciate that by starting and ending the interview on time.

  1. Asking questions already answered in a CV

Companies expect candidates to arrive for an interview prepared with some knowledge of the company and the role. Candidates expect the same of companies. When those interviewing ask basic questions, such as what company the candidate worked for previously or what their highest level of qualification is, it’s a very clear indicator that that they haven’t even bothered to read the candidates CV in preparation for the interview.  It sends the message that the company is not really engaged in the interview process.

  1. Not giving feedback

Take the time to follow up after the interview to thank candidates for their time and give feedback. Even if they aren’t shortlisted to move forward in the interview process, knowing where they stand is always appreciated. If candidates are left hanging with no news, they’re likely to seek out other opportunities.

At a time where the skills shortage is one of the most pressing problems construction and infrastructure companies are facing, no-one should be complacent when hiring. Top candidates can afford to be selective about who they want to work for and won’t waste time with companies that don’t respect their time or efforts. Companies that want to attract top talent need to demonstrate that they value candidates by showing them respect and being professional about the interview process.