Career Move Considerations in UK Construction

Career move in Construction - Ellis Fox Blog

The career opportunities that currently exist in construction and infrastructure are abundant. Industry reports that construction features among the highest number of job listings in the UK at present. With many new major projects coming online, some professionals may feel that it would be a good time to make a move. What are the considerations when looking at new job opportunities?


Many roles are coming available as more major projects come online. To be able to work on major projects can be a significant boost to your CV and therefore worthwhile considering. However, it’d be good to understand more about what stage the project is in, as well as what the expectations are for the role. With new projects that require new expertise, companies may have expectations that aren’t realistic. Clarifying this in the interview stage will not only to ensure that these are aligned with more realistic targets, it’ll also showcase your expertise.


Digital transformation has accelerated significantly in the construction industry in the past two years. You may be considering a role because it offers an opportunity to work with new technology. If this is the case it’s a good idea to research and learn as much as possible about the new technology prior to an interview. This will demonstrate your willingness to learn as well as an aptitude to apply new technology to your existing skills and vice versa.


With the amount of time spent at work, it’s vital to gauge if it’ll be a place where you feel comfortable and valued. High profile projects often come with a great deal of pressure to deliver which could result in a toxic culture. Before applying or interviewing it’s good to get some industry perspective of what a company is like to work for. Additionally, hybrid working has become common place since the pandemic. Find out about flexible working options if that’s important to you.


Regardless of the career stage you’re in, it’s worthwhile understanding what opportunities exist for progression. At a senior level these may be limited, ensure you’re happy with the position you’re applying for. You don’t want to get a new job, only to get frustrated in a year’s time because there’s not much opportunity to move up further in the company.

It is an exciting time in construction with many new job opportunities and projects. If ever there was a time to consider a move, it’s now.